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Is the information I give my lawyer confidential?
The attorney client privilege exists between an attorney and their client. That means the information that you give your client is protected.
Should I talk to the police?
Never speak to the police without contacting your attorney first. Scroll down to find great video about your right to remain silent.
Can I lose my license for when charged with a DUI?
If you have been arrested for driving while under the influence, in most cases you have only 10 days to challenge the administrative suspension of your driver’s license. If you fail to challenge this suspension the DUI will remain on your permanent driving record for 75 years.


What if the victim in my case does not want to prosecute?
In the State of Florida the state attorneys office has the final say if an individual is prosecuted. The prosecutor may take the victim’s wishes into account but the prosecutor holds the power to make the decision to prosecute.
Does the police have to advise every person they arrest of their Miranda Warnings?
Unfortunately, the movies have given us a general misunderstanding of the requirement of Miranda Warnings. The police are only required to read a person their Miranda Warnings if the person is questioned about the facts of the case while in custody. Don’t forget you should ask for an attorney when questioned by the police.
Can’t I represent myself in court?
There are many technical rules and regulations that must be considered during a criminal case. Additionally, a person that is representing themselves always runs the risk of saying something incriminating during the case. It is wise to have a skilled criminal trial attorney to speak for you.


Don’t Talk to the Police: Our right to remain silent!

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